About Sensei Norm

Welcome to The Shotokan Chronicles. My name is Norm Robitza, I have been many things in my life but none of them define me more than being a practitioner of Shotokan karate. I started my martial arts training at the young age of 4. My grandfather was a boxer. I recall as a young boy…

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About Sensei Norm

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Who created Shotokan Karate? It may not be who you think.

Who created Shotokan Karate? Well, it is obvious, who created Shotokan Karate, right?  Gichin Funakoshi did, right? ...

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Tekki Shodan with tips | Shotokan Kata Series

A simple kata but with some technical difficulties. Tekki is designed to be a leg workout and to teach you to fight in...

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Is Empi a Weapons Kata?

Many kata show signs of weapon usage. Empi, or Enpi depending on how you spell it, shows signs of the use of a katana.

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