Month: June 2020

Different types of Learners and How to Help Them!

Martial Arts training is like any other activity that has a teacher or coach and students. To provide the best possible service for those students, instructors need to know what kind of learners they are dealing with and be ready to accommodate them. The 4 learning types are easy to recognise and adapt to.

Review of Karate-Do: The Movie (2019)

In this video, Sensei Norm reviews, Karate-Do: The Movie Nicki Wright is a troubled 23 year old. After finishing rehab and getting in a fight, her mom sends her to live with her dad, who abandoned her when she was young. Her father, Cliff, teaches her the meaning of Karate which sends her on a…

Reflex Ball Review & Giveaway

The Shotokan Chronicles is giving away a Walmeck Reflex Ball set. The contest will end on August 1, 2020. The set includes: 1 * Black Reflect Ball (beginner) 1 * Red Reflect Ball (advanced) 1 * Sweat Band 2 * Elastic Band 1 * Threading Tool It is really easy to enter this contest, only…

Uke Waza: Understanding Blocking

In this video Sensei Norm demonstrates the proper way to perform the 5 basic Shotokan karate blocks. Age uke, Soto uke, Uchi uke, Shuto uke and Gedan berai. He explains proper points of contact, finishing position and other points to help improve your blocking techniques.

Why Karate and MMA should never be compared!

If you are a karate practitioner, you may have heard, “Who would win in a fight, you or an MMA fighter?” Well, the question would never be asked if people understood the differences between the two fighting systems. Karate is about self defense while the MMA is a sport.