Review of Karate-Do: The Movie (2019)

In this video, Sensei Norm reviews, Karate-Do: The Movie

Nicki Wright is a troubled 23 year old. After finishing rehab and getting in a fight, her mom sends her to live with her dad, who abandoned her when she was young. Her father, Cliff, teaches her the meaning of Karate which sends her on a journey. Her journey takes her through Kendo, Aikido, Judo and Karate training and gives her a new found purpose in life – to teach women self defense. Director: James Niebauer Written by: Daniel Niebauer Produced by: Gabrielle Niebauer Cast: Gabrielle Niebauer, Heather Alexander, Daniel Niebauer, Paris Molleti. Phllip Cook, Todd Carroll, Keelan Aponte, David Massil

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