Shotokan Kata Picker

Have you ever had a problem picking a kata to work on? 

Today, I am going to show you a neat little website that will take the help you.

There are times when I am practicing on my own that I struggle deciding which of the Shotokan Katas I want to work on.

This neat little website will take the guess work out of it. This website, will help you out. I will put a link in the description so you can visit the page.

This application was developed by Chris Munn and given to the Maritime IKD. It is very easy to use.

As you can see, the katas are broken up into 5 different groups.

Group 1 includes the Heian Katas and Tekki Shodan.

Group 2 includes Tekki Nidan, Bassai Dai, Kanku Dai, Enpi and Jion.

Group 3 includes Tekki Sandan, Jutte, Gankaku, Kanku-Sho and Nijushiho.

Group 4 includes Hangestu, Bassai-Sho, Chinte, Sochin and Unsu. And the final group, group 5 includes; Gojushijo Sho, Gojushiho-Dai, Meiko, Wankan and Jiin.

This may seem to be a strange grouping but it is kata groups for rank exams within the IKD. Kyu tests fall within the 1st group. The second group are for Shodan tests. The third group is for Nidan tests and so on.

So how does the web application work?

It is really easy. You simple uncheck any kata you do not know. If you don’t know an entire group, you can uncheck the box next to the group and it will clear the entire group. Once you are sure that you know all the katas checked, you click on the “Tell Me What to Practice!” button.

The application will randomly pick a kata for you. 

As you can see the kata will be highlighted in the list above. Each time you come back and pick a kata, that kick will be highlighted until all are chosen. Then list will clear. 

If you want to randomize each time and include previously practice katas, you would uncheck the box neck to “Select a unique kata until all have been practiced.”

If you want to clear all saved katas, click the (clear saved) link. 

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