The Shotokan Chronicles

Welcome to the Shotokan Chronicles. My name is Norm Robitza. You can learn more about me here.

The Shotokan Chronicles will be a blog and video series about Shotokan Karate. I will try to show you some tricks that have helped me with my training. These are things that I teach my students and it has been very successful.

I will also show my thoughts on kata, bunkai and oyo. Let me explain my view on the three here. Kata is a sequence of technique put together to teach how to deal with a situation. Bunkai is analyzing the kata to understand what each movement is doing. Oyo is freeing the bunkai from the kata. Many people perform “bunkai” techniques but they are far removed from the movements of the kata. I will try to show you several options for applications for Bunkai and Oyo.

I will also try to provide you will some insight into Shotokan and Karate History as well as martial art film, book and equipment reviews.

I hope you will enjoy this forum.